The province’s poverty alleviation work object participatory training held in Xining

In July 16th, by the provincial poverty alleviation training riser the province’s poverty alleviation and Development Bureau to organize the file object held in Xining, more than 200 from the province’s poverty alleviation system state, city and county attended the training class.

is the basis of poverty alleviation and development of participatory poverty alleviation precise work, in the national unity to carry out to the village households poverty survey and participatory work plays an important role in poverty, poverty alleviation and to find out the base service decision-making, implementation of precise poverty alleviation. LGOP will launch a new round of rural poverty alleviation and development as the primary task of this year filed calle and "a project", fully reflects the work of the party and the government of participatory attention.

training interpretation of our province index system and participatory poverty alleviation and development of cadres and village based joint implementation of the program, and how to do poverty alleviation and development work, the establishment of participatory poverty alleviation precise mechanism of group discussion.