Xining Xiguan Street office launched initiatives to help poor students into the campus

so that every poor students can enter the area! Xining Xiguan Street office launched initiatives to ignite the dream of poor students with love.

yesterday, according to the city Party Committee Propaganda Department concerned parties, to ensure that the area of poor students into the campus, West Street Office held a special meeting to study the deployment of the work of helping poor students to school, 33 students admitted to the University on the area of home visits, understand their family situation, 9 lead to difficulties in life for various reasons and influence the entrance of the poor students, the timely establishment of archives.

at the same time, combined with the actual office, West Street offices have made about helping the poor college students plan, first admitted to a college poor students as an attempt by the office of leadership (director of community), departments were twinning poor university students, twinning until college graduation, mainly to help them solve their study and life the difficulties, at the same time take care of college students from poor family, poor students after the menace from the rear lift.