The first half of Xining economic indicators the rapid growth of the economy steady progress

August 7th, a reporter from the Xining city held a news briefing learned that the first half of the year, the main city of Xining economic growth indicators of rapid growth, the economy steady progress. Among them, the strong growth momentum of investment in fixed assets, from January to May the growth rate of fixed asset investment in the country’s 26 provincial capital city ranked first. Xining to strengthen employment services, the city’s new urban employment 19068. In addition, 5 flyover public concern Nanchuan river will be put into use at the end of the year.

in the first five months, Xining to increase the intensity of the project construction, investment led strong, fixed asset investment growth in the country’s top 26 provincial capital cities, industry contrarian growth. At the same time, Xining will continue to focus on the benefits of people’s livelihood, by strengthening the business service work, 19068 people in employment, the province accounted for more than half the weight; 7270 people have a serious illness insurance; education layout adjustment phase, phase two, affordable housing, rural highway construction project is progressing smoothly. (author: Wu Yachun)