The province’s 370 thousand people benefited from the construction of high standard farmland

reporter learned from the Qinghai Provincial Department of land and resources, our province, 12th Five-Year high standard farmland construction comprehensive evaluation of the recent acceptance by the state. According to figures show that over the past five years, the province has implemented a total of 124 land remediation projects, the completion of a high standard farmland area of 67 thousand and 200 hectares, the project involved in the 5 states, the 2 cities and counties have 370 thousand people benefit from the 26.

according to reports, the "12th Five-Year" period, the province implemented a total of 124 land consolidation projects (excluding the Yellow River Valley million acres of land development projects), the total construction scale of 71 thousand and 800 hectares, the completion of the high standard farmland area of 67 thousand and 200 hectares, newly increased cultivated land area of 17 thousand hectares, a total investment of 1 billion 901 million yuan. Completed the formation of land 25 thousand and 300 hectares, built irrigation and drainage canal (canal) road 6076.94 kilometers, the new (modified) built field road length of 3153.78 kilometers, the construction of wells, ponds and other types of buildings 180 thousand and 800, 5 million 700 thousand and 900 strains of planted farmland shelterbelt.

after the completion of the project, the project involves 5 states 2 City 26 County 370 thousand people benefit, the quality of cultivated land using an average increase of 0.7, the new grain production capacity of 77 thousand and 100 tons / year, the average production cost of cultivated land decreased by 5% to 15%, the capacity of agricultural production increased by 10% to 20%.