Xining city public examination work supervision by parents throughout the interview SWAT

recently, the author from the Municipal Personnel Bureau, in 2009 the city public security police SWAT examination and interview conducted in June 13th and June 14th, representatives of parents as supervisor, the interview was monitored by.

it is reported that the police interview work presents four characteristics: first, the examiner and candidates continue to implement the double draw system, the whole draw process, candidates, examiners do not meet each other. Two is the supervision, interview draw and score assignment, calculation, summary and other sectors, the city discipline inspection and supervision department staff, NPC deputies and CPPCC members, media reporters, representatives of parents were full supervision. The three is to prevent fraud measures tight, all interview examination room, waiting room and toilet and other places to install wireless shielding, eliminate the occurrence of fraud. The four is the job interview transparency, parents take voluntary registration, randomly selected, identified three candidates parents as the police recruit interview examination of the supervisor, and in the "Xining Evening News" for the parents of the publicity supervisor. At the same time, through the news media, network and site posting and other forms of publicity for the interview, take the initiative to accept social supervision.