Provincial fifth inspection teams to inspect the situation of the Provincial Academy of social feedb

7 10, fifth provincial inspection teams to the party Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, feedback of special inspections, inspection teams on behalf of leader Gao Xinrong conveyed the important instructions of provincial Party Committee on patrol work spirit, the feedback of the special patrol situation. Provincial Academy of Social Sciences party secretary Chen Wei presided over the meeting and made a statement.

Gao Xinrong pointed out that in recent years, the Provincial Academy of Social Sciences party around the provincial government work suggestions, and actively create think-tank platform, enhance the external academic exchanges, grass-roots level to carry out research, better play the role of think tanks. In the inspection, inspection team found that the cadres and the masses to reflect some problems, mainly: weakening the party’s leadership, implement the main responsibility is not in place; all strictly lax is not real, life of the party organization is not perfect; there is a gap between the academic research on the implementation of the Party leadership team; violate the provisions of the central eight Jinerbuzhi and provincial spirit the provincial government 21 measures; making use of the work is not rigorous. Meanwhile, the inspection team also received a number of leading cadres involved in the problem reflected in accordance with the relevant provisions of the relevant departments to deal with.

Gao Xinrong on behalf of the inspection team made four suggestions. A clear-cut strengthening party on the philosophy and social science of leadership, the Marx doctrine of philosophy and Social Sciences Institute and lead two team and academic team construction; two to earnestly implement the responsibility system of ideological work, firmly grasp the ideological work of the leadership initiative, strengthen the academic ideology, to effectively carry out public opinion judged; three comprehensive strict responsibility, strengthen the rectification of problems; four to actively innovation, deepen the internal reform, and comprehensively improve the level of scientific research, management level and service level.

Chen Wei said that the provincial inspection teams to patrol feedback has pertinence and strong guidance, change the style of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, further emancipate the mind, strengthen the construction of a clean government, has very important significance to improve the service of the provincial Party committee and government decision-making ability and level. Provincial Academy of social sciences will take this tour as an opportunity to adhere to the party’s absolute loyalty as the primary principle, abide by the political discipline, political rules as a code of conduct, in the most resolute manner, the most decisive action, the most effective measures to implement the rectification.