Sanjiang National Park media line departure today

to vigorously promote Sanjiang source pilot national park system, display the results of the source region of Sanjiang ecological protection and construction of the National Park Service in August 22nd, by the Sanjiang provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the source (chips), people’s daily, Xinhua news agency, Qinghai daily, Xining evening news and other 11 media to participate in the "Sanjiang National Park for the media" activities started.

this interview lasted about 10 days, the interview group will have to Yushu, Guoluo Prefecture, Haixi Prefecture, vigorously promote Sanjiang source of the national park system pilot work, which is an important measure of our province and an ecological civilization reform.

the State Council and the Qinghai provincial government determined to carry out the pilot national park system, the purpose is to break the barriers of departmental interests, the framework breaks through the existing system, to achieve a unified and efficient hills and water, forest, grass, Lake integrated management system, make Sanjiang water moisture in china. National park system pilot to integrate all kinds of protection, to achieve the two unified exercise to ensure that the source of Sanjiang’s natural resource assets, all of the country, shared by the people, generations of heritage".


report, the media will be through on-site interviews, the survey form full of great significance, the source of Sanjiang national park system pilot major reform initiatives, objectives and main tasks, reflected in our province by the province as a whole to create a beautiful bright Chinese name card of a major deployment and remarkable achievements, lively practice.