Xining city court to provide legal help for the healthy growth of young people

this year, Xining City District People’s Court of juvenile cases courtroom in the trial of criminal cases involving minors, minors to imitate the film and television works in the plot, gathered together the implementation of intentional injury, robbery, kidnapping and other serious cases caused by the judges’ attention. In response to these characteristics, the hospital combines learning and practice activities, and actively create a healthy environment for the healthy growth of young people to provide legal help.

through the trial of these criminal cases involving minors, the judges clearly see that with the rapid development of economy and media industry change rapidly, because minor side by some books, audio and video products, network media and other unhealthy factors, plus the number of single parent families and family education misconduct and other factors, there are a great impact on the growth of social environment on contemporary teenagers.

the hospital with an in-depth study and practice of Scientific Outlook on Development, and the area of law and actual judicial practice, contact the school, community, planned, comprehensive system to carry out legal education of minors, minors to let in the face of various crimes should be how to respond to, how to protect themselves, and to seek legal protection. For the campus safety accidents have occurred, some young people addicted to the Internet, parents of children born without a raise, some new problems and do not teach, teach and improper, vice president of legal and legal system to further play the role of the instructor on the part of the crime of minors’ parents require special training, they learn, pay attention to influence and impact daily words and deeds of their children, and their children often "equal" talk, talk, and close attention to changes in thinking and behavior of children, strengthen education bundle, actively play the role of family education management function. We will vigorously promote the combination of school education, family education, court education and social education, and further optimize the environment for the growth of minors.