The endowment insurance system reform of the public questions

with the State Council issued the "organs and Institutions Pension Reform decision", "dual track", the Chinese market economy reform in the process of special terms, in the field of pension is about to become history. This means that China’s civil servants, public institutions will no longer be fully funded by the financial commitment, they will be the same as corporate workers, individuals pay part of the pension insurance.

, synchronization establishment occupation pension and the basic old-age insurance system, that is to say occupation pension is a supplementary form of the basic old-age insurance. Occupation annuities as some of the benefits of good business, the establishment of enterprise annuity in the payment of the basic pension insurance for employees at the same time, the future of workers after retirement, can receive pension insurance + enterprise annuity, this way is a form of supplementary pension insurance. Similarly, the institutions established occupation pension system, monthly pay 8% of total wages, employee monthly wages 4% payment, the payment amount included in personal occupation pension accounts, retirement can be based on personal account accumulation and related agreement, occupation annuities plan hair. Currently, the relevant state departments are formulating relevant rules.

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institutions all in-service personnel, the implementation of "old methods and new system, people gradually transition". The so-called "old man", October 1, 2014 before retirement, this part of the crowd retirement benefits unchanged, and in the future treatment of adjustment; the so-called "new", namely October 1, 2014 after participating in the work of the staff, this part of the population according to the calculation method to calculate the new basic pension, basic pension = basic pension + personal pension accounts, of course, will have the occupation pension; the so-called "people", that is, after October 1, 2014 to participate in the work of retired personnel, the implementation of transitional measures to this kind of person.