Volunteers go to the streets to persuade uncivilized

In order to solve the problems of uncivilized behavior and the city environment in the presence of the public, to further improve the city civilization and civilized behavior public image, from October 24th to November 24th, Xining will launch a month long guide civilized persuasion of voluntary service activities.

activities through the public uncivilized behavior of persuasion, guidance and environmental supervision, to further standardize the behavior of public civilization, improve the public awareness of civilization; by monitoring the appearance and public order, to solve the existing problems in the urban environment, enhance the comprehensive quality of citizens and city civilization. Through the guidance of civilized volunteer service activities, so that the general public to establish a good civilized behavior, to develop a good habit of observing rules and regulations. Through the supervision of the city appearance and environment, and urge the relevant departments to carry out the management, to promote the city more clean, more beautiful environment, better order, more harmonious society.