Xining city police in Chengdu seized 513 grams of methamphetamine

west of Xining City Public Security Bureau recently successfully destroyed a trans provincial drug gangs, arrested 4 drug trafficking suspects in Chengdu, seized a new drug (meth) and a total of 513 grams, drug trafficking vehicles of the car 2.

at the beginning of August this year, City Public Security Bureau narcotics brigade in the investigation of drug trafficking cases together, found Mr. Han are suspected of drug trafficking, immediately set up a joint task force of Han to carry out the investigation, and formulate the detection program. Task force after careful investigation found that this is a complex group of drug trafficking cases across the province, the Provincial Public Security Bureau narcotics Corps will be the case as a provincial target supervision case. After nearly 4 months of painstaking efforts, in December 1st, the gang suspects carrying large amounts of cash to Chongqing. Police suspect may be analyzed to go to buy drugs, keep a close eye. But the cunning suspects temporary drug trading locations in Sichuan, Chengdu province. The group decided to close the net, overnight train to the city of Chengdu in the provincial narcotics corps and local public security organs under the strong support, in December 6th in Chengdu City, Longquanyi Longquan Street North Road will repeatedly transform trading location suspects Mr. Han, Jiang Jiang, army arrested, and seized the drug (ice) 513 grams, seized drug trafficking car 2. Tushen, in the area near the Beiquan road and the other suspects arrested Rui rui. Upon review, the 4 suspects confessed to the crime.

is currently working on the case to dig deep.