This year to do 36 things for the masses chase

this year, 770 million yuan will be invested in Datong County, the implementation of the project for the people of the 36 practical projects for the well-being of urban and rural masses.

this year, Datong County will focus on agriculture and animal husbandry, transportation, education, forestry, water, sanitation, housing security, science and technology, cultural reconstruction, rural environmental protection, population and family planning, project, support the development of minorities with small population of 14 military enterprises to build new rural areas construction and implementation of radio and TV 36 for the tangible things the project, a total investment of 773 million 291 thousand and 700 yuan.

agriculture and animal husbandry, education and housing security and other public service projects to become the county this year, the highlight of the real thing. In the county this year, the implementation of 36 projects for the tangible things, farming, education and housing construction projects 12, accounting for 1/3 of all projects, the investment amounted to 495 million yuan, accounted for 64% of the total project investment to do practical things. The construction of the project are: to invest 106 million yuan to implement farming and poverty alleviation and development projects, the main construction contents are full coverage film potato double ridge rainwater harvesting cultivation base construction scale; 1500 rural household biogas construction; agricultural machinery purchase subsidies and agricultural infrastructure construction projects. The housing security and the construction project investment of 234 million, there are 150 million yuan investment in the people’s Road underground civil air defense project; investment of 49 million yuan reward of 3500 rural households in housing construction and investment of 35 million yuan in the comprehensive management of city shantytowns project. The main 155 million yuan investment in the construction project with nutrition education for rural compulsory education students at primary school the first school safety project, Xie Gou Xiang center school middle school renovation project, Green Forest Township Center kindergarten preschool education project, improve the duty plan and egg milk project and the county education of primary and middle school students from the free operation of the secondary vocational school tuition and poverty project grants. (author: Zhao Tongyun)