This year’s seven fiscal dividend to protect people’s livelihood

Stability of people’s livelihood expenditure in the proportion of total fiscal expenditure, efforts to promote the construction of public service facilities and improve people’s livelihood…… In February 29th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Finance Bureau, this year the city will help to promote the two upgrade, to protect the people’s livelihood and ecological demand as the focus, from the seven people’s livelihood, "13th Five-Year" the first year of the financial cake, let more people enjoy the people’s livelihood finance dividend.

decentralization of poverty alleviation fund management authority in accordance with this 80 villages 26 thousand people out of poverty and poverty related tasks, and actively integrate various types of agriculture related funds, the formation of poverty alleviation efforts to promote the innovation of financial poverty alleviation mechanism, decentralization of funds management, strengthen the implementation of poverty alleviation projects.

support by the green water protective gas treatment to promote North South Shan three afforestation, South Ring Expressway Landscape Greening and urban renovation project to enhance the construction of ecological barrier city. To speed up the city sewage pipe network construction and Huangshui River pollution remediation, support the yellow car out of coal to gas transformation environmental protection project implementation.