South weather Lane began wearing new clothes

South Lane Street meteorological reconstruction project 13 months before the end of the start to wear "clothes" to celebrate the arrival of National Day.

reporter yesterday from the West Main Street West District Street office learned that one of the Old Street South Lane weather in our city, food stores are more concentrated, the more than 500 meters long street, there are more than and 100 shops, many shops and seriously damaged. In addition, the streets on both sides of the bankruptcy of the families of the more buildings, the surrounding environment has a certain impact. In order to improve the lives of the residents and businesses operating environment, the Southern Qi Xiang Xiang streetscape renovation investment 17 yuan, according to the environmental remediation activities in west area, people benefit businessmen and clean, not for luxury, practical principles, will be carried out to repair the damaged shop door, whitewash on street walls, renovation project in September 13th to start, is expected to complete the end of the month. (author: Publicity)