Xining put the pipe service reform comprehensively promote

6 15, held in Xining City, decentralization, put the tube combination and optimization services (hereinafter referred to as the pipe service reform conference, meeting) the implementation of the State Council and the provincial government "management services" spirit of reform, reform in the wider and deeper level, to further reduce the system of transaction cost, accelerate the transformation of government functions to improve administrative efficiency, stimulate social vitality, promote the sustained and healthy economic and social development.

put effect gradually revealed. Since 2014, to carry out the reform of administrative examination and approval system, has 5 times to cancel the decentralization of administrative examination and approval, the Xining municipal approval was reduced from 342 to 96 (including the current vertical tube sector 12), the total reduction rate of 71.9%, the power of the government "downsizing", has become the northwest and the country Administration approval at least the capital city.

pipe system continues to improve. With the reform of government institutions, among the various departments to further rationalize the relationship between rights and responsibilities, re issued three provisions, to develop a comprehensive publication of the 44 municipal government departments (units) of the "power list" and "list", will be included in the list of all 5669 administrative power management. At the same time, in accordance with the prior approval of the matter in the post regulatory aspects of the whole link, all the responsibility to implement the requirements, in the national capital city first enacted "government management matters matter in the post regulatory list in advance will be 7 Xining City Tourism Bureau, Xining City Management Bureau and other departments of the 6 categories of 66 government management matters. After the regulatory measures included in the inventory management.

service level continues to improve. In the province to set up the administrative examination and approval service, implementation of administrative examination and approval "a window of acceptance, a service station, a chapter of approval, complete the transition from the platform to the intensive type merge function, the administrative examination and approval the overall processing time compared to the end of 2015 compressed 18%, construction project approval simplified by 140 working days 126 link to 40 working days in 5 stages. Vigorously promote the reform of commercial system, advance the realization of "three in one, a photo of a code reform goal; comprehensively promote enterprise independent reporting, online approval, the enterprise name of residence registration and simplifying the facilitation of business registration reform, to achieve a" zero cost, zero barriers of registration. Strengthen the county’s basic public service platform construction, the administrative service center will be adjusted by the institution to the administrative body, and all completed the operation of administrative services hall, to achieve the centralized management of the examination and approval services.