Xining city government will continue to build a temporary public parking

Xining municipal government attaches great importance to the masses of parking problems difficult. The municipal government has held a special meeting to study the solution, and the organization has been through intensive research and a lot of work in the early stage, and has formulated and promulgated the measures for the administration of the construction of temporary public parking lots in Xining. Approach has been adopted in September 17, 2015, the fifty-first executive meeting of Xining City, since November 1, 2015 implementation. The implementation of the measures, the city is part of slow blocking Paul Chang, to as much as possible the use of public space, city public space in the city road and the road to the external walls of buildings within the scope of providing service to the public parking places.

is conducive to the city’s road traffic control, ease traffic congestion; in accordance with the provisions of the road traffic safety management of parking and roads; alleviate the city parking pressure, convenient vehicle temporary parking principle, the municipal administrative department of planning and construction in conjunction with relevant departments and regions, according to the city’s road traffic conditions, combined with the surrounding parking demand, making the public temporary parking the plan, submitted to the Municipal People’s government for approval.

the temporary parking lot for parking

shall not be contracted and entrusted