Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry to take measures to consolidate the two stop constr

Xining City Industrial and commercial bureau to take measures to consolidate the "two stations" construction results.

this year, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry to 75 towns, offices and the establishment of the 942 communities, administrative village, a short while, a total of two stations. Huangzhong County Bureau of industry and commerce to re print the three book file, allotted to the 300 complaints from the admissibility of the system, file management norms, improve the level of a station for a while, the level of two. Xining City Branch Industrial and Commercial Bureau also invited the Agricultural Technology Extension Station staff, in twenty for farmers on Pu Zhen Agricultural Science and technology knowledge and related knowledge of laws and regulations, to help farmers improve the awareness of rights according to law. At the same time, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau through "in rural areas" and "in school" and "rights into the community" and other special activities, raising consumer awareness of self protection and law rights, lay the foundation for "the masses while two station", "expanding the social impact while two station" face.

by the end of June, the city’s industrial and commercial system through one of two stations received a total of 260 pieces of consumer complaints, mediation 260, 241 thousand and 800 yuan in economic losses of consumers. (author: Liu Dong)