Xining City the home office to strengthen the supervision of agricultural market

with the spring season is approaching, Xining city street, the strengthening of agricultural and industrial market regulation does not relax, take effective measures to increase the quality of agricultural products supervision, to ensure the normal production of spring.

one is to carry out the laws and regulations in the area of agricultural operators to promote the warning education;

two is the pesticide dealers selling the certificate and invoice, to establish and perfect the purchase and sales ledger records, purchase channels, product name, trademark, name, origin, specifications, quantity, retention period and sales to


three is to take samples of pesticide sales record, the first save system, the storage period is a cycle of production and operation, and agricultural goods leave (pumping) sample for visits, inspection records, a total sample of seven varieties by


four is to establish and improve the agricultural household business type file, as well as a variety of reference, inspection, agricultural products weekly report form;

five is the responsibility of the signing of the agricultural market regulation, guarantee to ensure the legitimate operation of agricultural households.