Xining city ndustrial and Commercial Bureau dress up strict discipline set up red shield image

  serving the people wholeheartedly is the fundamental purpose of the party, the mass line is the party’s lifeline and the basic line of work, carry out the party’s mass line educational practice, will effectively improve the work style, to win the people’s trust and support. To closely around the party’s mass line of educational practice, continue to perform the functions of "service economy", "a" concept, Xining province Industrial and Commercial Bureau Industrial and Commercial Bureau according to the mass line of educational practice arrangements, dress up, strict discipline, and carry out good is the wind Su Ji, improving quality and efficiency, the market order rectification, consumer rights and other four special action style so that the province’s industrial and commercial system to further improve the cadres’ ideological, further change, the party cadre closer, pragmatic and honest image has been further set up. To solve the four winds problem in accordance with the task clear, definite responsibility, clear standards, clear time requirements, the control provisions of the provisions of the central eight, 21 provincial government measures and 17 measures Industrial and Commercial Bureau province and Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau strict management of cadres to promote the work style change way, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau thought the people, pragmatic and honest as the requirement, aiming at the existing problems of the system of Party members and cadres four winds, the prevention and the combination of anti-corruption work, focus on remediation of cadres and workers in disciplined work in Ji Lvsong’s work and rambling style, work tired and long, long off without leave, absenteeism. Law enforcement investigators chinakayao, simple and crude, in the social intercourse with work and duties will participate in the activities of business, profit for others to seek The phenomenon of private industrial and commercial image damage, and service in the service window and the daily work attitude, deliberately, negative coping, muddle along, buck passing, efficiency is not high, by regulation, to further enhance the business system of cadres and workers of discipline consciousness, service consciousness and independent consciousness. To carry out a series of anti-corruption activities "fame Danru water, and righteousness; conduct in the mountains, old sage." Since eighteen Party’s anti-corruption work, strengthen party spirit, improve is weightier than Mount Tai, red shield guards high level to serve the people thinking, thinking and action into the close relation between the party and the masses, the city of Industrial and Commercial Bureau carried out a series of no form, not as a mere formality of the anti-corruption activities. The city’s industrial and commercial staff to visit the anti-corruption education demonstration base, invited the provincial Party school teachers taught lectures, aiming at the existing problems in terms of style and discipline to take a thorough investigation form to carry out inspections, and to investigate the problems of concentration and control, held "honest people, honest;