Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce measures to stabilize prices to protect the basic l

is the total level of consumer price stability, protect the people’s basic life, city Industrial and Commercial Bureau recently will carry out a special inspection of law enforcement to crack down on "business behavior follow the trend of prices", for the people’s livelihood escort.

Industrial and Commercial Bureau from mid December to mid January 2011 to carry out special rectification, grain, edible oil, meat, non-staple food, vegetables and other goods as the focus, increase the large shopping malls, supermarkets and bazaars and inspection efforts to strengthen the operator to perform the purchase inspection, certificate and invoice, purchase and sales ledger system of supervision and inspection crack down, adulterated, shoddy, Quejinshaoliang and other illegal activities and follow the trend of prices "business behavior, maintaining market good trade order. During the period, each business will be assigned to the area every day farmers market inspections, pay close attention to the market price of vegetables, meat and other agricultural products; to urge dealers bright business, the price tag of education; the majority of business operators and business integrity, law-abiding business, leading to comply with national laws and policies, shall not use fraud, collusion etc. a legitimate means of manipulating commodity prices, shall not fabricate or spread bad information related to the price of agricultural products, to create a tense atmosphere, not to engage in hoarding and profiteering monopoly, and consciously safeguard the market order of the agricultural products. At the same time, the city of Industrial and Commercial Bureau will also work with the city development and Reform Commission, the Bureau of Commerce, agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau and other departments to coordinate, cooperate with each other for common agricultural products market and "two" market prosperous and orderly make positive efforts, and in conjunction with the public security departments to carry out joint inspection of law enforcement, severely hit "Caiba, PA meat and fish tyrants and disrupt the market order of evil forces, and effectively protect the market supply, to maintain market stability.