This year there are 40 graduate employment

Recently, the reporter from the Xining municipal development of Talent Exchange Center learned that this year, the province registered to college graduates in 1829, registered to 40 graduate students, the number of home last year increased significantly, especially to the number of graduate students is two times last year. At present, the graduate file registration work is still in progress.

according to the person in charge of the development and exchange center of Xining City, the rapid development of the province’s industrial economy, so that the size of the province’s enterprises continue to rise, the majority of science and technology professionals are willing to return to employment. Since June of this year, the Xining talent development and Exchange Center for a total of 4 graduates tailored for the recruitment of a large number of job seekers about 5500 people, the direct employment agreement reached a total of 1816 people.

in order to further promote the employment of college graduates, Xining introduced a number of subsidies to encourage enterprises to absorb the employment of College graduates. Private enterprises, non-public enterprises, state-owned enterprises to absorb college graduates can enjoy post subsidies and social security subsidies. Private enterprises and non-public ownership of new jobs to absorb a college graduate every year, giving 1000 yuan per person per year one-time reward. Awards received by the year, the maximum number of awards for not more than 3 years. (author: Mo Qing)