Special treatment of meat products

carry out special treatment of meat products in the food and drug administration before the inspection of key enterprises of food safety management system to standardize the implementation of meat products, veterinary drug residues and raw meat purchase acceptance checks the situation.


management focus from the following aspects: check the enterprise raw meat purchase acceptance checks, whether in accordance with the provisions of the certificate and invoice, whether for raw meat inspection and quarantine certificates, certificates, raw meat supplier qualification; check the source of raw meat enterprises, through the inspection of corporate raw materials purchase inspection records and verify the enterprise invoice, check whether there are enterprises or without the unknown source or origin meat processing meat inspection and Quarantine Act, whether the use of spoilage of meat, meat, Sizai dead meat, there is no legal import certificate of inspection of imported meat, frozen food processing and recycling of expired meat products, whether the use of other animal meat fake beef and mutton meat check whether the enterprise of veterinary products; raw meat residue inspection acceptance checks, or entrust the third party inspection Check the problem and take the recall measures and report to the supervisor; check the implementation of the production process management system; check the unqualified products and raw material handling. The Council asked the province’s food safety supervision departments at all levels to carry out supervision of veterinary drug residues in meat products for sampling, we found that the company has the use of dead livestock and poultry or without inspection, inspection and quarantine unqualified raw meat and processed meat products, veterinary drug residues exceed the standard sampling, severely punished.