Xining this year will focus on cultivating 500 small and micro enterprises

This year, Xining city in accordance with the industrial policies of the state and province, city industrial development requirements, to assist small and micro, transformation and growth, cultivation of carrier "as the focus, open up" Easy Access "for small and micro enterprises, focusing on cultivating 500 small and micro enterprises, promote rapid and healthy development of the city’s small and micro enterprises.Informed of the private economic development conference

reporter from Xining held on to the 60 policy measures focus on the implementation of the provincial government to support the development of Small and micro businesses, Xining city to further reduce the access threshold, in accordance with the layout of concentration, land intensive, industrial agglomeration, circular economy "development ideas, to further improve the level of planning and construction of County Industrial Park small and medium-sized enterprises, leading the park cluster development, leading a group of science and technology, innovative Small and micro businesses entrepreneurship development, and built 3 entrepreneurial base of small and medium-sized enterprises in the district during the year, and strive to start the year halal Industrial Park infrastructure construction.

to expand the total market, will accelerate the development of a number of light industrial products, hardware machinery, food processing, agricultural and sideline products, new building materials in line with the local industrial development of small industrial enterprises, to foster the development of research and design, information services, culture, transportation, business exhibition, packaging printing and other services in the field of market subject; actively cultivate the main culture sports, medical institutions, management of social welfare and public utilities market and community convenience chain stores, breakfast engineering, property management, housekeeping services and other livelihood services of various types of market players; increasing the income of farmers, cultivating, planting and breeding farm, special snack, family hotel, leisure agriculture and rural market, vigorously develop various types of farmer cooperatives; the full implementation of the employment policy entrepreneurship, support Various types of venture capital investment business, through the efforts of 2-3 years, the city’s various market players to achieve the goal of doubling.

at the same time, play a guiding role in municipal finance capital, focus on strengthening the County Industrial Park, entrepreneurial base planning, infrastructure construction and key projects to support, to strengthen the modern logistics, agriculture, culture, tourism, production services and other new industries and areas of growth of small and micro enterprises to support. Actively build a platform for cooperation between banks and enterprises to jointly establish a convenient channel for small and micro enterprise loans, and continuously improve the financing capacity of small and micro enterprises. During the year focused on cultivating small and micro enterprises 500. (author: Su Jianping)