Xining 2870 farmers brokers actively contribute to the promotion of agricultural development

July 23rd, reporters from the Xining Municipal Association for science and the supply and marketing cooperatives organized "Xining city farmer broker and plateau agriculture development of academic seminar" was informed that, as of the end of July, after the formal training of supply and marketing cooperatives in Xining City broker reached 2870 people, the majority of brokers and farmers signed orders every year about 5 acres, 2 sales of agricultural products million tons, has become the agricultural efficiency and farmers’ income and an important way to improve the competitiveness of agricultural products.

in recent years, with the adjustment of agricultural production structure in Xining and the development of rural economy, the farmers’ brokers have made a positive contribution to the development of agriculture in Xining. According to incomplete statistics, Xining city is currently engaged in agricultural acquisition, storage, sales and sales agents, the transmission of information, services and other intermediary activities employing nearly million people, 4 years after the formal training of supply and marketing cooperatives agent 2870. These farmers brokers to promote the development of characteristic agriculture has played a leading role, to solve the problem of difficult to sell agricultural products, farmers and farmers each year signed more than 50 thousand acres of planting contract. Such as the Huangzhong county farmer agent especially Liangshan each year nearly 50 thousand tons of rapeseed acquisition, Zhen Wei Jia Zhuang Hu Xianbang DOPA acquisition of faba bean 1200 tons, Guan Xiang Ru Tumen plus silver good acquisition of 1500 tons of potato should you want to check, Wang Dong bought nearly 9000 tons of carrots; Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County farmer agent Li Guoliang and outside the brokers, business cooperation, the acquisition of carrot 2800 the acquisition of tons, 2000 tons of potato, cabbage and the acquisition of Caigua 120 thousand kilograms, the annual sales reached 4 million 800 thousand yuan per year, and farmers signed orders carrots 700 acres, more than 500 local farmers to increase income.

at the same time, the farmer broker becomes the leader of "one village one product" industry and the leader of the countryside. Huangyuan County by the farmers broker training, established the county agricultural and livestock products, planting, breeding and sales system, led by farmer brokers, gradually developed in Shen Xiang Li Tang Dahua town Mobulacun carrot planting, planting, planting Agaricus bisporus Shi Zui Cun Sun Xiang Shan Gen Cun, garlic seedling planting "a village" industry, not only to expand the scale of planting, but also increase the income of farmers.