The democratic parties in the urban areas to learn the spirit of the eighteen

the morning of November 26th, the city district united front organization of the Democratic Party grassroots organization representatives, concentrated study of the spirit of the party’s eighteen branches, the democratic parties (Agency) and the United Front Work Department of all cadres of nearly 30 people attended the meeting.

At the

meeting, the Standing Committee of the CPC Central Committee, United Front Work Department Minister Ma Chaoying interpretation of some of the contents of the eighteen reports, combined with Party work put forward three requirements: to seriously study and implement the spirit of the eighteen. To further unify thinking and consensus; to build "concentric" brand, adhering to the "concentric" concept, the practice of "concentric" thought, highly consistent with the Communist Party of Chinese, according to their respective strengths and wisdom, give full play to the functions of political participation; to combine their actual work, play an active role for the central economic and social development many people say for remonstrance, Limin policy, to focus on the new situation and new tasks, conducted investigation and Study on major global problem, the region’s economic and social development and strategic, to further clarify ideas, clear goals and tasks, focus the work, strengthen the development of measures to make new contributions to the development of the district. (author: a)