The city’s 67 traditional Chinese medicine hospital put into use

Recently, a reporter from the City Planning Commission was informed that since 2014, the City Planning Commission with the comprehensive reform of primary health to promote the deepening of the grass-roots work mode of service innovation, the county organization carried out a comprehensive Tibetan medicine service capacity of urban and rural primary health care institutions to enhance the construction, in the province to organize the city’s community health service centers, township hospitals to carry out the "Chinese Medicine Museum" construction work, and achieved results.

it is understood that the city basic medical and health services "Chinese Medicine Museum" to enhance the construction of grassroots in Tibetan medicine service ability, strengthen grassroots organizations in the contents of Tibetan medicine service. At the same time, through the implementation of national basic medical centralized service, led to the promotion and application of appropriate technology service base of Tibetan medicine, the traditional acupuncture, fire needle, moxibustion, medicine steaming, scraping, massage, massage, physical therapy and traditional Chinese medicine appropriate technology gradually return to the community health service centers and township hospital, back the people of all ethnic groups in urban and rural areas, basic medical and health institutions in Tibetan medicine service volume also gradually increased significantly.