Two sessions blowing rigorous pragmatic wind

"NPC and CPPCC" is held on behalf of members from the reports to the opening ceremony, has been highly concerned by the masses of people of all nationalities, exciting news a constantly heard from the venue, at the same time, more rigorous and pragmatic style will blow to the earth.

Yan: strictly on behalf of members of the Committee at the beginning of Qi Qi Zan

strict leave system, the need to submit a written report to leave; to participate in the general assembly, should be 15 minutes ahead of time to enter the venue; not treat each other dinner, gifts, not private bus…… This year’s two sessions on the basis of previous years, the meeting will make a more clear and strict discipline requirements.

representatives, members of the emotion, serious conference discipline worthy of praise.

"that’s a good rule, that’s what it should be." The provincial people’s Congress Lu Hongying said, whether deputies or CPPCC members, to participate in the "NPC and CPPCC" does not enjoy a treatment, but with the people’s trust to perform their duties and political participation, there should be a responsibility, "in" NPC and CPPCC "during his role, reflects the sentiments of public opinion, many suggestions advice is the right thing to do, these meetings should abide by the discipline."

Provincial People’s Congress relevant responsible person said that this year is the last year of the provincial people’s Congress to perform their duties, is the last year, the conference will continue to strictly follow the "eight provisions", to ensure that the wind will, will continue to improve appearance. For example, strict discipline and the provisions of the meeting, a serious meeting leave system, pay close attention to the meeting rate. Venue arrangements and station layout are simplified, on behalf of the resident does not hang balloons, non colored flags, etc., to create a grand warm and simple and pragmatic style.

Yan: for the first time set up a separate wind monitoring group

venue, will wind supervision team staff and they will wear the wind will discipline inspection card compelling, they will be members of the attendance, business activities, activities will be outside the supervision and inspection. The establishment of a separate wind monitoring group in the province, the two sessions in the history of the first time.

"in the supervision and discipline of work by members of the contact group as of this year, in order to further promote the transformation of the wind will Ji, urging members to perform their duties conscientiously, set up a separate supervision group will wind. According to the present situation, members of discipline is good, to the high rate of the quiet and serious, no whisper, fiddling with mobile phone phenomenon." Secretary General of the provincial CPPCC Wang Jin said.

wind monitoring group will be divided into three groups, before the meeting, the meeting, after the inspection at any time. Members will not be without reason, will be notified. In addition, each member of the bus ride, there will be a group of wind monitoring staff with the car.

real: speaking on behalf of members more practical and practical

shuttle to review the NPC delegation and CPPCC group discussion meeting, the reporter found, tell the truth, on the facts, the people’s livelihood has become a common practice, on behalf of members of the speech is very pragmatic, could not find, "long-drawn and tedious documents chuanxuedaimao" position type speech, are facing discusses problems, do not hide, do not avoid, concise recommendations,;