Public financial funds to help the United States and Qinghai the United States moving Quartet

"12th Five-Year" since, I actively play leading role of public finance investment, increase tourism investment, establish a diversified investment mechanism, improve capital efficiency in the use of tourism development, promote the rapid and healthy development of tourism in our province.

in increasing downward pressure on the economy, fiscal revenue growth narrowed, payments have become increasingly prominent contradictions, our province to promote the development of the tourism industry as an important part of steady growth, adjusting structure, promoting reform and improve people’s livelihood, "12th Five-Year" during the special arrangements for the provincial tourism development fund 1 billion 60 million yuan, an average annual growth rate of 18%. Key support for tourism promotion, tourism promotion, publicity and transformation of comprehensive service ability level a scenic areas of industrial upgrading and new tourism industry development projects: the arrangement of performance incentive funds for outstanding tourism enterprises and explore overseas market to reward; arrange tourist cultural integration projects, support Tibetan medicine, Tibetan Culture Museum, Museum of Cultural Industry Park, La state Archaeological Park construction projects, expand the tourism industry value chain; key area infrastructure construction projects, support Qinghai Lake and other scenic spots around the brand building and a tourist service center, parking lot, toilets and other facilities construction; arrange new tourism industry projects, support the self driving tour camp, field development activities, the depth of experience, leisure picking, ecology and rural tourism projects. Arrange funds for the construction of tourism infrastructure and tourism scenic area and the surrounding environment for 890 million yuan of funds, focusing on new road traffic travel toilet and scenic five-star toilet, perfect scenic roads, water supply, emergency rescue, waste water treatment, fire safety and other infrastructure construction and the surrounding areas of environmental remediation.

to play the provincial tourism guide the development of special funds in support and guidance, leveraging effect, promote the development of the tourism industry in 2014, the provincial government will take direct investment into the previous financial discount loans, performance incentives, built up after the first, the government purchase services in favor of a new investment way to promote tourism sustainable development, and play the amplification effect of fiscal funds; focuses on promoting the transformation and upgrading of tourism quality and efficiency, and promote cultural tourism and sports development, the tourism development of the depth of integration of new formats and increase tourism promotion, promote key scenic infrastructure construction and other aspects of support, accelerate the effective docking of tourism resources in the province and capital; financial tilt to the grassroots in 2015, to take the project loan discount, performance incentives, such as after the first build up new financial investment funds for up to 1 .35 billion yuan, the city (state) 147 million yuan.