Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce means of production and marketing of the market foc

Xining city

Industrial and Commercial Bureau production materials market business with the area of key market commodity quality complaints hot, for the potential safety problems of fake and shoddy building materials commodity circulation peak season, began in mid August, the quality and technical supervision departments jointly Province focus on qualification and quality of goods, building materials market in accordance with the law for inspection, the inspection work the basic end.


inspection and rectification to business qualification and focus on the quality of goods, to combat illegal operations, investigate and deal with fake and shoddy goods, clean up the market environment of fair competition, safeguard the interests of the majority of consumer groups for the purpose of taking daily inspection and random sampling combination. To September 16th, inspection of operating 315 households, 110 households involving random sampling of goods, commodities, nine categories of 51 specifications, banning unlicensed 1 households, 1 households and inspection according to the specified. And the first batch of 3 of the detection of wire and cable business operators suspected of selling substandard goods shall be investigated and dealt with according to law.