Xining City ndustrial and commercial overnight attack a group of fake mutual aid wine was seized

October 28th, Xining Industrial and Commercial Bureau brigade seized by night cracked sell high simulation of counterfeit case, the scene identified a number of fake wine series of mutual aid.

October 28th 20 pm, in Xining City, the Yellow River Road, a tobacco supermarket, law enforcement officers in the on-site inspection found that the supermarket "eight mutual workshop" and "four tianyoude" trademark color is different, then contact the mutual identification of winery staff, identification of personnel rushed to the scene, to determine the mutual series of wine for wine. Through the identification of evidence, law enforcement officers seized 31 bottles of "eight workshop" and 4 "red wine tianyoude" wine box, at the same time, on-site storage of a batch of Wuliangye and Moutai and other famous, waiting for further identification.

reporter on the scene saw this batch of mutual wine series high degree of simulation, with the appearance of true wine is very similar, identification of personnel before they can determine the wine from the anti-counterfeiting code identification and trademark color is true, and the general public if not careful, it is easy to be fooled. Law enforcement officers told reporters that due to mutual aid series of wine is a well-known trademark, the market share is large, so the counterfeit problem is more serious, but as long as consumers buy in regular stores, large supermarket chains and other places, generally do not buy counterfeit products.