Xining safe production theory workshop safety production work is expected to grid management

February 4th, Xining city safety production theory seminar held in Xining, Xining production safety supervision and Management Bureau to actively promote the thought of investigation and research, status quo and future focus on production safety in Xining City, the first to go to the city’s production safety and carry out the full investigation and study, summarize the thinking, which lasted ten months, the formation of a number of have a certain quality and reference value research report.

meeting to listen to different group topics as "on the reform and improvement of Xining city safety production supervision grid work investigation report", "Xining city production units to fulfill the main responsibility for production safety investigation report", "on the Xining mining and trading enterprise safety production situation and Countermeasures", "on the city’s production safety education training work thinking", "crisis, industrial and mining enterprises safety production of the" three simultaneous "system implementation and standardization of the current situation and Countermeasures of" 7 research results, Xining City Safety Supervision Bureau as soon as possible to practice the work of production safety of the application of these theories in the city.

in the future, in the use and implementation of the outcome of the investigation, Xining City Safety Supervision Bureau will continue to carry on the front line, investigation work style, deepening the reform and innovation of production safety, improve the safety supervision system, innovative methods of regulation, improve the management level of service, and make unremitting efforts to create a new situation in the work of the city safety production.

it is understood that the future of Xining is expected to achieve safe production grid management. In recent years, the national production safety accidents continuously, accompanied by the rapid development of economy in our city and the integration of urban and rural areas to accelerate the process of the production safety supervision and management is inadequate, the basic regulatory system is not perfect, leading to the city safety accidents, safety production situation is becoming increasingly grim. In this regard, in the second batch of the party’s mass line of educational practice, the city administration in view of the current status of production safety, carry out in-depth investigation of first-line city’s production safety, conscientiously sum up the thinking, which lasted ten months, has developed the "Xining city safety production supervision grid construction", "Xining city production units fulfill the main responsibility for production safety investigation report" and other 7 research topics. Ever since the mechanism is not perfect, the lack of regulatory power, there are many problems in the grassroots production safety work in our city, in order to change this situation, in the future I will implement the work of production safety in grid management, namely in the county (District), township (street) and village (community) and other basic administrative units as a unit, division in the end longitudinal and transverse to the edge of the area of responsibility for production safety responsibility, in default, block posts, will be responsible, further strengthen and implement local management responsibility, Department of industry supervision responsibility and the responsibility of enterprises, the establishment of "transverse to the longitudinal edges, safety supervision and management system and operation mechanism of the end", to achieve safe production supervision of government grid industry specialization, direct management, enterprise management of production safety management system, the formation of "government regulation, industry management, enterprise responsibility, social supervision Working pattern.