Xining will be built by the community volunteer service station

when the neighbors as volunteers to help, you must be kind. In May 31st, the reporter learned from Xining City Committee of civilization, now based in previous years to build community volunteers, volunteers, Xining city will expand the field, established the community volunteer service station in the city community, volunteers from around the beginning.

It is reported that

, in the development of community volunteer service project, Xining city will enhance the community volunteer service level, the property company in the community volunteer service station construction work, and by the community party branch, the property company jointly set up a community volunteer service station, to carry out community volunteer service activities. Among them, the community volunteer service station will carry out regular services, in accordance with the "community needs, volunteers can" principle, to the elderly, migrant workers, laid-off workers, the disabled and poor families, and children of migrant workers, left-behind children as the key object, to carry out voluntary service activities of community culture and education health, convenience services, psychological counseling, legal aid. At the same time, volunteer service will be promoted to the community public security, environmental protection, emergency rescue and other public services.

is worth mentioning is that the property company into the volunteer service system, Xining will fully integrate social resources, to carry out various forms of public service and extended service organization, the property company staff for the community residents especially Empty Nester and disabled repair appliances, pay utilities and other services; use of venues, facilities and equipment property management within the region, to provide support for the residents to carry out sports activities; property services business conditions will also use the community a key on the phone "or" bell of love ", relying on building a communication line, a response service system, improve the timeliness and effectiveness of voluntary service; participation in community volunteer service activities, help the community’s Neighborhood Committee visited family difficulties, organize employee volunteer propaganda teams and civilization persuasion, to help residents establish governance in the public security organs under the guidance of An inspection team of volunteer service, assist in community crime prevention work and improve the prevention and treatment network.

at present, the Xining community is actively recruiting part-time, part-time volunteer service managers. In the future, the community of Xining city will also set up emergency rescue Lei Feng community volunteer service team, volunteer community convenience services team, peace building volunteer service team, culture and health volunteer service teams, zhilvhulv volunteer service team, clean environment volunteer service team and other professional volunteer service teams, to carry out normal volunteer community service work. (author: Zhou Jianping)