The end of the implementation of urban and rural pension merger

Reporters from the city human resources and Social Security Bureau, city of the new agricultural insurance and home insurance two system will be implemented in the city and at the end of 2014, the city will have 24 thousand and 500 City home insurance insured, 611 thousand and 200 new agricultural insurance insured, incorporated into the unified urban and rural social endowment insurance system. The new city of our country and the protection of the two cities of the merger, which will be presented? September 26th, the city human resources and Social Security Bureau of the relevant person in charge of pension insurance to the reporter exclusive interpretation of the new deal. Highlights: individual payment level increased to 12 files. The original new agricultural insurance payment standard is set to 100 yuan to 500 yuan 5 grades, the city is located in the security of $100 to $10 class. After the merger of the two systems, individual payment level will be set to 100 yuan, $200, $400, $300, 500 yuan, $600, $700, $800, 900 yuan, $1000, $1500, $12 grade. Increase the payment level will give the insured more choice. Highlight two: government subsidies increased standards. Has been the government of the new rural insurance and urban residents to protect the insured payment staff to give appropriate subsidies, the new agricultural insurance premiums paid by the annual class given 30 yuan, $35, $40, 45 yuan, ranging from subsidies. City residents in accordance with the annual premium payment given 30 yuan, $35, $40, 45 yuan, $50, $55, 60 yuan, $65, $70, ranging from subsidies. After the merger of the two systems, government subsidies also increased by 100 yuan, the annual payment of 30 yuan subsidy, pay 200 yuan subsidy 40 yuan, pay 300 yuan subsidy 50 yuan, pay 400 yuan subsidy 60 yuan, pay 500 yuan subsidy 70 yuan, pay 600 yuan. The subsidy of 85 yuan, pay 700 yuan subsidy 100 yuan, pay 800 yuan subsidy 115 yuan, pay 900 yuan subsidy 130 yuan, pay 1000 yuan subsidy 145 yuan, pay 1500 yuan subsidy 165 yuan, pay 2000 yuan subsidy 185 yuan. Government subsidies included in individual accounts. Highlight three: Municipal Finance to undertake more payment subsidies. After the implementation of urban and rural residents pension insurance system, severe disabilities per person per year by the level of 300 yuan paid by the government to pay the full amount. The minimum contribution to the insured person to pay 30 yuan and the full payment of the full amount of disabled persons required funds of $300, the provincial financial commitment to the city’s financial burden of 20% (this part of the financial subsidies to the county seat of the financial burden of the original), the financial burden of $80%. Insured people choose to pay a higher level of premium subsidies paid by the district (county) financial commitment. Highlight four: payment of more than $1 per year over the past year to increase the basic pension of 10 yuan. In order to encourage the insured to actively pay, continuous payment, pay more, pay more, the cumulative payment period of more than 15 years, on the basis of the past 15 years, an increase of the number of years for each additional year, the monthly increase of basic pension of $10. In the interpretation of urban and rural residents pension insurance system, the city human resources and Social Security Bureau official said, urban and rural residents of old-age insurance in the insured period of death, the government;