Turn style to really do practical things for the masses

"correctly handle the relationship with the grassroots" imprisoned "," imprisoned "to sit still, to do good service for the masses, the grassroots to sink to the line, solve the practical difficulties of the masses." Park to resolutely curb high pollution, high energy consumption, low efficiency projects into the park, can not recruit the impact of future generations." May 7th to 8, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee, Secretary Su Rong, municipal committee, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection of the city of Ma Haiying research mediocre lazy luxury special rectification work.

Su Rong, Ma Haiying and his entourage to the window of Datong County and City District, North District and other service units, through the field of view, listen to reports, discussion, understanding the work of the masses of window service units and other forms to carry out the evaluation of the attitude of "Yong lazy luxury" special rectification work carried out supervision.

on how to turn the style and do the next "Yong lazy luxury" special rectification work, Su Rong, Ma Haiying requirements: first, we should establish the concept of serving the people. Districts, towns and streets to deepen the connotation, strengthen the sense of purpose of Party members and cadres. Two use the system to manage people. From the subtle to formulate and implement the work system, strengthen supervision and inspection and reporting efforts, in violation of the system will not be tolerated. To improve the administrative services hall service functions, the implementation of one-stop service and on-site service for the masses. Three grassroots service to the masses. Township cadres to village households, the village community two committees to increase transparency in village affairs public etc.. Four to optimize the industrial structure, adjust the industrial layout. Improve service, improve service efficiency, according to the law, norms, honest work, to create a relaxed and good human environment, investment environment and development environment. Fifth, strengthen supervision, strengthen management. Districts and counties, towns and streets in the subsistence allowances, land acquisition and relocation compensation, low-cost housing, etc.. In life to be kind, caring about the growth and progress of cadres and workers, and really serve the masses, do practical things. (author: Ji Sheng nannine Office)