Shape of the western region of the ideological foundation of building

Change the style of work is a major political task, can not be a discount; the masses are expected to be the first signal, can not tolerate the slightest perfunctory. Recently, the west district party organizations at all levels of innovation, rich content, pay close attention to the party’s mass line of educational practice of learning and education links.

– leading science committee. In order to deepen the study of education principle, the West District standing committee to convene the Committee and the theory of central study group will be more than 10 times, to take the lead by the Party committee, to intensive "the party’s mass line educational practice learning," selected documents "on the mass line — the important theory", "excerpts of austerity against waste — important" as the focus of discussion excerpts, held to carry out "Five" (a mass line, a theme of the essay on the mass line, we talk about a "build modern West, how shall I do" study and discussion, a mass line should be aware of the knowledge test, a reading notes airing activity) the whole region, and formed a strong atmosphere of leading cadres take the lead, demonstration study, in-depth study.

– visit control study. Party members and cadres into the Chinese Red Army xilujun Memorial and the national defense education base Atomic City Memorial to the memory of martyrs, martyrs revolutionary as a mirror, look in the style, close ties with the masses of the gap, strengthen the party spirit and style to develop.

– I believe the people learn. Learning and education links invited three special teachers for Party members and leading cadres in class, telling them to do the work of the masses in the forefront of the experience of the past few years. Sun Lan, director of the financial community of the West Branch of the medical community, with a piece of fresh examples of the work of the community staff rushed to work, with hard work for the masses to understand and support. Vivid and moving carefully, leading cadres at all levels of the west area of the next contact point to carry out the party’s mass line educational practice, to actively carry out self anatomy, revealing problems from.

– party service practice. Play an exemplary role in serving members of the contact service people in the community, according to the working party members in service intention, set up a volunteer service team, and with the working party signed the agreement, helping poor people "working party members into the community service undertaking, the working party members according to their actual situation at any time to claim and complete service tasks.

– network platform easy to learn. On the basis of formulate special learning plan, make full use of the Communist Party and other new media network platform to carry out learning activities, the use of mobile phone SMS platform to send the information of more than 700, to enhance interaction, enhance publicity universality, flexibility, pertinence and members of public awareness and participation.