Xining Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau on campus heating boiler safety inspection

  Xining City Campus in order to ensure the safe operation of the boiler heating in winter, to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents, malignant Campus Recently, Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau in conjunction with the Municipal Education Bureau of the city’s 42 schools of boiler of the joint inspection, inspection and remove hidden dangers of accidents 3.

school is a relatively crowded place for personnel, and the use of pressurized boilers for the monitoring of special equipment. To this end, the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau recently issued a special on the strengthening of heating boiler safety management notice, requiring schools to strengthen the management of boilers, and with the City Board of Education jointly carried out a safety inspection activities. The joint inspection focus on examination of the school safety management and boiler boiler safety situation in the field to further clarify the requirements of the boiler safe use of management, and points out matters of atmospheric hot water boiler in use should pay special attention to. Law enforcement officers on the 30 schools of the boiler room for safety checks, a total of 57 boiler inspection, including pressure boiler, the atmospheric pressure hot water boiler of 31 units, timely detection and removal of hidden dangers of accidents in the 3.