Xining 12th Five Year national economic and social development information planning

city developed or not, information is an important part of the value. As the day before the "Xining" 12th Five-Year "national economic and social development of informatization planning" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") the introduction of the next five years, Xining will start from seven, platform construction, e-government, education, medical information network, digital city will become Xining to focus on the development of information technology city mai.

put forward the "planning" in the future development of Xining City, not only need to strengthen the leading role of informatization in Xining city economy, politics, culture, social development, and the requirement of information continue to walk in the forefront of the province, to play an exemplary role in promoting the development of the province. "Planning" to determine the 2015, the development of information technology will be widely used in various fields in the national economy and social development of Xining City, e-government construction has made remarkable achievements, the basic form of information security system, significantly improve the quality of national information. The formation of the government information for the pilot, with the integration of informatization and industrialization, modernization of agriculture as the focus, with the birth of modern information service industry development, accelerate the construction of the modern city with information, using information technology to support public service system to enhance the function and information development level at the forefront of the province.

"planning" also defined the "12th Five-Year" during the key tasks of Xining. In the aspect of improving the level of government information, Xining city will implement the project of government portal website, the establishment of online consultation platform, construction of parallel processing and collaborative office system and electronic monitoring system, promote e-government intranet, extranet network platform, the establishment of information emergency command system etc.. To promote the development of social information, will be built in primary and secondary education network, educational resources center, the establishment of medical and health data centers, medical and health information service platform, the implementation of the natural village village. At the same time, the construction of "digital city", the establishment of urban spatial geographic data platform and urban management information platform, the construction of intelligent transportation system, and comprehensively promote the card project, promote the construction of community information. In the promotion of economic information, Xining will promote the construction of enterprise information, the establishment of tourism information platform, online trading platform, the development of e-commerce. Strengthen the construction of information infrastructure, the implementation of the backbone of the transformation and upgrading of transmission network engineering and telecommunications universal service projects, the construction of wireless Xining, promote the triple play". Strengthen the development of information resources, the construction of population, legal institutions, spatial geography and other basic databases and information sharing platform. Establish and improve the information security management system, the construction of information security evaluation and certification platform, and comprehensively improve the ability of information security protection. (author: Zhou Jianping)