The four rule to the reform of government institutions

In July 10th, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Party Organization Department, Municipal Supervision Bureau, the city organization management office jointly issued the "notice" on strict discipline to ensure the smooth progress of the reform of government institutions, require all departments and units strict "politics, organization, finance, security" four discipline, to ensure that the institutional reform work steadily.

notice stressed that all departments and units should strictly abide by the political discipline. In keeping with the party in politics, the implementation of hundred-percent Municipal Committee on institutional reform policies, in accordance with the "thought lingers, order is not chaos, work continues, no loss of state assets", unswervingly promote institutional reform. Leading cadres at all levels should firmly establish political awareness, the overall situation awareness, sense of responsibility, and consciously safeguard the authority of the municipal Party committee, correctly handle the relationship between the state, the collective and individual, the three party spirit, the overall situation. Major issues must be reported to the superior. Strict adherence to organizational discipline. Conscientiously implement the principle of democratic centralism, involving the reform of personnel triage, asset disposal, appointment and dismissal of cadres and other major issues, we must adhere to the collective discussion. Prohibited assault into people, assault promoted cadres or good at internal organs to assess professional titles. It is strictly prohibited to refuse to implement the decisions made by the organization on the adjustment of the organization, the change of position and the exchange of cadres. To strictly abide by the discipline of Finance and economics. Strict implementation of the state’s financial discipline and the provisions of the management of state-owned assets, earnestly implement the asset management responsibility system, and effectively prevent the loss of state assets. Departments and institutions should earnestly change registration, asset inventory liquidation and disposal of assets, shall not resort to deceit, omission concealed, change and destruction of accounting certificate accounts. May conceal, interception, misappropriation, false impersonator, embezzlement, embezzlement of public property. No special funds and materials, real estate and other state-owned assets unauthorized transfer, lend, transfer, change, change the use of. To strictly abide by the confidentiality discipline. Education of Party members, cadres and workers to strictly abide by the confidentiality of discipline, strict party and state secrets. To strictly in accordance with the provisions of confidentiality, careful inventory, custody of documents and files, and do a good job related to the handover. In order to maintain the integrity and authenticity of the personnel files of cadres, it is necessary to alter, extract, forge or destroy files without authorization.

notification requirements, discipline inspection and supervision organs and organizations, institutions and departments should strengthen the supervision and inspection of the relevant provisions of the implementation of the reform and discipline. Found violations of discipline, we must resolutely investigate and deal with serious cases, causing adverse effects should be held accountable for the leadership.