Xining City area the security guard tongue without end

Today, more and more people dining out, the public in the pursuit of different tongue delicious, but also how to protect the safety of the tongue, for their own health checks it? Just a few days ago, the city has passed the provincial food service food safety demonstration zone of the assessment work, to become the province’s first provincial food service food safety demonstration zone". With a number of catering service food safety demonstration shop "landing", the city district carry out the food service food safety "baiqianwan" demonstration project to create activities for the public to provide more safe and delicious.

‘s first restaurant demonstration street people clapping and cheering

hunger breeds discontentment, food to safety first. Food safety is related to people’s health and life safety, economic development and social harmony. Since more than 85% of the catering industry in the city for small catering industry, which makes the city area to become a gourmet window, where a large population, food consumption is extremely strong.

for a long time, Chengzhong district has always been committed to improve the overall level of food safety in catering industry, to explore the long-term mechanism for food safety supervision in the field of catering services, catering services to implement the food safety responsibilities, improve the catering business personnel of industry self-discipline, and achieved remarkable results. Especially the further development of the food service food safety demonstration project to create activities, is recognized by the masses and the high praise.

March 2011, the city district in the province to carry out the food service food safety demonstration project "key" to create activities, innovative ideas, innovation, the establishment of a series of work in the new model, the adoption of the declaration, examination, review, evaluation, publicity masses and six links, Chengzhong District, Nanshan Road won the first food service food safety "baiqianwan Xining City, a street demonstration project" title, and formal licensing legislation in March 7, 2012. "Home sweet Xpu Ha Palace Hotel", "beef noodle king" and other 15 catering enterprises to obtain "Xining City catering service food safety" baiqianwan "shop demonstration project" title. This marks the city catering industry towards standardization and standardization.

the first food safety zone food demonstration

from the construction of a number of demonstration units, set up a number of advanced models, to promote a number of advanced experience…… Actively encourage the establishment of catering units in the city to declare food service food safety demonstration project to promote the upgrading of food service units and healthy development.

it is understood that the food service food safety demonstration project, is one of the key tasks of the State Food and Drug Administration and the Ministry of Commerce during the "12th Five-Year", is a large scope, the food safety supervision department for the first time to carry out multi-level catering Excellence Awards activities, their participation incentive is divided into four levels, the national level "provincial, municipal and district level", were awarded the outstanding achievements in the food service food safety management, the industry has a positive demonstration effect of enterprises, individual or organization.