Xining city sanitation 3000 bags to collect litter

Every year a large number of autumn leaves to the sanitation workers working intensity is very large, in order to reduce the intensity of sanitation workers. This city District Urban Management Bureau bought 3000 large bags, effectively prevent clean leaves again flying, improve the work efficiency of sanitation workers.

now has entered the late autumn season, charming autumn can make people relaxed and happy, but a large number of leaves is virtually increase the work intensity of sanitation workers. In order to remove and collect the leaves in time, reduce the burden of cleaning workers. Urban District Urban Management Bureau purchased 3000 large woven bags, respectively, put into the leaves of the more sweeping teams. A sanitation worker said: "now we give the allotment of big bags, not only to use light, clean and will collect leaves large bag, can prevent the leaves again flying, which greatly improves the efficiency of our work.