Xining for more than 40 days without precipitation

consecutive days of high temperatures, less precipitation weather, let Xining city before almost did not see snow. Reporters learned yesterday from the Qinghai Provincial Meteorological Observatory, at present, Xining and other places no more than 40 days of continuous precipitation. This led to Qinghai forest, grassland fire weather rating continued high, but weather experts believe that due to the summer and autumn of last year, the province’s abundant rainfall, so less winter precipitation will not necessarily lead to drought in the coming year. In addition, from today, the weather will have snow or snow in our province.

in January of this year, most of the province’s high temperature, low rainfall, the average monthly temperature of minus 10.5 degrees Celsius, compared with the average value of 1981 to 2010 high of 0.2 degrees celsius. The province’s average monthly rainfall of 1.4 mm, compared with 1981 to 2010 the average value of less than 40%. As of now, Xining, Ledu, mutual aid, Nuomuhong, Datong, Huangyuan, Jianzha, Gangcha, Qilian, Guide, Haiyan, Republic, Xinghai, Guinan, Chaka, Tianjun, Ping An continuously for more than 40 days without precipitation days.

meteorological experts remind, because there is no obvious precipitation process during the Spring Festival, the temperature will continue to rise slowly, the wind increased, and during the festival fireworks, Shangfen burning paper and other activities increased, the probability of human fires increases significantly, the fire situation is grim. (author: Wang Yalin)

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why don’t snow in Xining

just past winter, Xining, although a few light snow, but still not enough fun". The winter without snow, quietly affecting people’s lives.

air dry disease

"sore throat, always cough." "Me too, if the snow comes off." The less snow in the winter, air drying, becoming a high incidence of cough. In the provincial capital of a number of hospitals in the Department of respiration, lung disease, a lot of people queuing. Only from the provincial hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine Department of lung disease daily visits of nearly eighty people, the number of people, there are eight people cough. The day before, Li Yan people wearing masks, wrapped in a thick scarf waiting anxiously for the doctor, standing outside the consulting room, coughing, "last weekend, throat itching, cough. A few days later, not only did not improve the symptoms of cough, woke up today and found his throat was also a cough". According to Lv Hua, director of the Department of lung cancer, from the patient’s treatment situation, the number of visits a day there are seventy or eighty people, including 80% of patients with cough symptoms. In Affiliated Hospital of Qinghai University, Qinghai Red Cross Hospital and other hospital department of respiration and lung disease Cory, the number of people with cough treatment have increased in varying degrees.

humidifier hot

the weather is dry, the humidifier has become a hot selling product. In the provincial capital of a number of shopping malls, the reporter learned that this winter, less snow in the provincial capital, the weather is dry, many people in the mall to buy humidifier humidifier at home. Humidifier sales, this winter is better, the best day to sell more than and 10 units, many people because it is too dry, the children at home or the elderly uncomfortable, so to buy." ;