Xining City North Township fun Folk Museum to attract domestic and foreign tourists

in Xining rural tourism is still booming, is located in the north of the city of Xining District Baoziwan Town township fun Folk Museum has attracted many tourists inside and outside the province. From the painted pottery stone, ethnic costumes, in building components of the war to military equipment, the inscription publications until the 50s and 60s certificate of newspapers, attract tourists to watch her eye.

The north area of Xining city

to Baoziwan area as the core, to create a circle of agricultural leisure tourism, through support for the project, in Baoziwan town interesting farming culture ecological park built Township interest Folk Museum, and officially opened on September. Exhibition area of 420 square meters, divided into farming culture, folk customs, Hehuang ancient, red memory, family treasure exhibition, collection of exhibits more than 2500 pieces, involving living articles, books, clothing, building tools license, military, etc. more than 10 kinds of handicrafts, the paper-cut and photographic works of nearly 3000 one, fully demonstrated the development of production and life changes of Hehuang areas in different historical stages. (author: Su Jianping Fan Shengdong Yang Huawen)