Touch the heart of hot words so that happiness can be seen

"connotation and quality to lead the butterfly", "good quality, good quality, good taste", "let the city with its roots, soul and charm"…… Even to this day, one after another, touched the hearts of hot words, hot words, is becoming a public hot talk at leisure, as NPC and CPPCC, on behalf of the majority of members of the hot focus of the original, these hot words, hot words are from mayor Zhang Xiaorong made the "government work report", in these hot words, the heat between the lines, depicts the happy Xining city scenery, flowing is the general public of Xining eagerly looking forward to a beautiful picture of happiness and a better life!

touch heartstrings hot words 1

lead the butterfly

infrastructure to optimize urban space expansion

[touched the happy foundation of the heartstrings] in the past five years, we strive to promote the upgrading of urban upgrading, and constantly strengthen infrastructure construction, comprehensive carrying capacity significantly improved. Has implemented a number of major projects in infrastructure, expand the city space optimization, connotation and quality to lead the butterfly.

[the hearts of the public infinite emotion] as the people of Xining, in the past 5 years, we have seen the changes in the urban infrastructure, experience the meaning of this idiom. It is no exaggeration to say: 5 years, your occasional business trip or vacation, a month later when you return, you who are familiar with the road, the old alleys, potholes walls may disappear, the old facilities that once made you worry before you became a surprise, let you be taken by surprise, regret not in the transformation to come to a photo.


] Jingting Qi Municipal People’s Congress for nearly 5 years, changes in Xining’s infrastructure is to make every citizen constantly surprises 5 years, followed by happiness, let the memories have become heavy, only numbers, can carry infrastructure 5 year change of the weight of happiness: 5 years, I play in planning overall, the urban system to optimize the integration of urban and rural areas, the pace continues to accelerate, built 128 beautiful countryside, ahead of the completion of 525 thousand of the agricultural population transfer, the urbanization rate reached 68.92%, the pattern of the urban system based on nuclear, triode and node "of the form. 5 years, city construction on an unprecedented scale, a total demolition area of 16 million 422 thousand and 600 square meters, is 1.62 times that of the previous ten years, built area of 37 square kilometers, 118 square kilometers, the historical change in the appearance of the city. 5 years, the infrastructure is improving, the initial construction of the "outer ring" traffic pattern; the new bus lines opened 32, the new purchase of new buses, the new sewage treatment plant, the 11 seat. 5 years, the city management effectiveness……

touch heartstrings hot words 2

"Miyoshi" city

happiness Xining city transformation and upgrading of the target

[touched the heartstrings of happiness goal] to promote the transformation and upgrading of the city, to build a happy Xining build a carrier. Adhere to the harmony between man and nature, modern and traditional, art and technology, architecture and the environment, and focus on planning, construction, management three;