Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry to increase the circulation of food safety supervis

this year, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry to carry out a solid circulation of food safety supervision, as a result of leadership attention, effective measures, so that the city’s circulation of food safety supervision has achieved remarkable results.

Xining City Administration for Industry and commerce to strengthen the food market supervision, increase the daily supervision. The city’s industrial and commercial system for key species, key areas and seasonal festivals, food market, carry out special law enforcement inspection, timely detect and investigate unlicensed, super scope and distribution of expired, toxic and other substandard food behavior. Increase the intensity of law enforcement inspection of the rural food market, and focus on the purchase of illegal channels from the sale of counterfeit trademarks and other well-known counterfeit food name, packaging, decoration and other illegal acts. During the inspection of food, 16492 households, 114 markets, seized no purchase invoice of small food 439 bags, 1663 bags of "three noes" expired food (bottle), expired milk products 11.2 kg, infringement of registered 124 bottles of beer. Clean up unlicensed 18 households, 21 households on the cable card tickets not all operators issued a notice shall be ordered to make corrections. This year, a total of 57 cases for investigation of food, the collection of fines of 142 thousand and 800 yuan. Xining trade and Industry Bureau and the relevant departments of the Xining municipal government, dairy products, food oil, health food, fresh meat and meat products, food additives for a comprehensive treatment. Focus on supervision and guidance of food operators to establish a sound food purchase inspection, cable card ticket, substandard food delisting system, strict implementation of food safety management system. Promote the integrity of the food business system construction, strengthen the classification of food business credit supervision, give full play to the role of a private association, guide and restrain the integrity of food operators. During the period, the city’s food business carried out the classification regulation for different categories of credit, business entities respectively formulate different measures of inspection and supervision, and is closely related to people’s living food wholesale market, grain and oil market as the key regulatory focus and key links.

industrial and commercial law enforcement officers into the city’s major bazaars and supermarkets, food safety laws and regulations to promote the implementation of the relevant laws and regulations and related management system, enhance food operators awareness of food safety responsibility. Popularize the knowledge of food safety, guide consumer safety consumption, rational consumption, improve self ability. At the same time, give full play to the role of social and media supervision. Encourage people to report complaints, support the media to carry out public opinion supervision, timely release of food safety violations in accordance with the masses of complaints and media investigation. Exposure typical cases to expose the harmful acts of illegal mass harm to the masses.