Xining Federation of trade unions million yuan condolences to the difficulties of workers to solve p

 , December 11th, the reporter learned from the Xining Federation of trade unions, in 2009 the city’s trade union two to send warm activity has been officially launched. They will be in January 20, 2009 before the 1 million yuan to raise timely payment to 2500 workers in difficulty.

to ensure that this year’s "warmth" funds can be timely and accurately, accurately transmitted to the difficulties in the hands of workers, trade unions held a special meeting, careful deployment, aiming at the problems exposed in the warmth in the activities of the development of the implementation plan, clearly defined including trade unions at all levels to strictly follow the principle. Condolences: units to establish trade unions, workers condolences difficulties should be as a member of the trade union, and has been incorporated into the "union assistance system" management; enterprise, community trade unions will visit list of publicity, accept the supervision of the masses of workers. Meanwhile, the Xining Federation of trade unions will continue to open 12351 during the two difficult hotline rescue workers, there is indeed difficult to meet the conditions of rescue workers and rescue workers.