Xining released labor market wage guidelines

recently, human resources and Social Security Bureau announced the 2010 annual part of the job (work) labor market wage guidance, post savings bank business personnel, geological exploration engineering and technical personnel to the monthly average of 5000 yuan more than the top.


released a total of 267 jobs (occupation), covering the basic industries and jobs in our city, these types of work involved (occupation) guidance wage levels, is the human resources and social security administrative departments of enterprises and labor market survey results, reflect the actual level of a certain period of the enterprise wage distribution. Should the reference wage guidelines when recruiting the staff by the employer, considering the enterprise actual operating conditions and the labor market supply and demand situation, according to the "distribution according to work", "giving priority to efficiency and fairness, the control level of different price reasonably determine the types (occupation) wages. In addition, enterprises and workers may be based on their own conditions and possible, referring to the wage price, and actively carry out collective wage bargaining system to determine the various types of work (occupation) wage levels.

according to the Labor Department announced the wage price guide, savings bank officer and other banking personnel, technical personnel, engineering geological exploration of the average wage of financial business month were 7130 yuan, 6316 yuan, 5271 yuan, 4957 yuan, among the best in the 267 position. Corporate directors, metallurgical engineering and technical personnel, bank clearing members, other postal service personnel and other posts (jobs) monthly average wage income of more than 4000 yuan. In addition, the average monthly wage of administrative staff of 1885 yuan.