Qinghai Provincial Higher People’s court decided to comprehensively promote the province’s court tri

continue to build an open, dynamic, transparent and convenient sun judicial mechanism to protect the people on trial implementation of the right to information, participation and supervision, recently, the Provincial Higher People’s Court of the "on the measures for the implementation of open trial (Trial)" and "on promoting the comprehensive programme of work of public trial courts in the province". Asked the courts to the full implementation of public hearings, the public hearing in accordance with law of criminal, civil and administrative cases, follow the principle of open, not open to exception, relying on micro-blog, WeChat and other media, web site, the video in the form of live trial platform to carry out the trial webcast on the internet. High degree of concern for the public, the larger the social impact of the legal publicity and education of the hearing, mediation and other litigation activities, but also to live webcast.

to achieve all the principles of public hearing trial activities in Internet broadcast, is the Provincial Higher People’s Court of party in new period in order to meet the needs of the people of justice, to further increase the intensity of open justice, and consciously accept social supervision to make major decisions, is another major move after the judgment documents public, public trial process, execution public information disclosure work of the judicial. To promote public trial aims to strengthen the trial supervision to public trial, and promote judicial justice; public norms of behavior in order to promote the trial court, judges ability and level, strengthen the trial function and the essence of the trial, to enhance the credibility of the judiciary; public order for trial trial, the trial activities carried out smoothly.

The higher people’s Court of the province of

stressed that the courts should fully understand the significance of the trial live, practical thinking and action into the hospital party decision-making arrangements, and actively adapt to the requirements of information and network era, take effective measures to regulate the trial behavior, show trial style, enhance the quality of the trial, to ensure the public good the legal and social effect.

according to the relevant arrangements to promote the province’s Court of public work arrangements, the Provincial Higher People’s court launched the first trial live, before November 1st, the criminal trial of the first court, the first civil trial court, the second civil court, the administrative court in Internet broadcast 1-2 public hearing cases; since November 1, 2016, the Provincial Higher People’s Court of the business all court public hearing cases were broadcast live on the internet. The province’s intermediate courts and grassroots courts in the trial after the deployment of live equipment, the introduction of Internet trial live synchronization.