Sea Lake District built next year 5 minutes convenient living circle

from 15 minutes to 10 minutes, and then to 5 minutes, Sea Lake New District convenient living in amazing speed in the upgrade. In June 29th, the lake district "the future development of new business forum, deputy director of committee Li Jing, the future of the lake district to create" 5 minutes of life "plan, and major businesses and owners in the area discussed. The reporter learned that, as a large city complex have been settled and operation, 2014, leisure, entertainment, shopping, catering, accommodation, office, medical and sports education as one of the "5 minutes of life", will become an important symbol of sea lake district.

it is understood that the lake district residents in providing convenient life and constantly improve the infrastructure construction, at the same time, has always been to higher standards and requirements, to create both organically combined with the old city, and from commercial activities, education layout, administrative office, the living environment is different from the old city life and work atmosphere. The new Hualian, Dalian Wanda and other well-known urban complex builders settled, no doubt the new district to create the most convenient living circle added to the accelerator". It is worth mentioning that, in the new area of new Hualian Plaza, as the Northwest’s largest single commercial center has been in power, with a super size of 720 thousand square meters of carrier class city complex, attracted a number of well-known brands of sea fishing Hot pot, Darunfa supermarket, windmill kindergarten, Jiahe cinema, Suning Appliance settled. 2014, after the operation of the new Hualian Plaza, will become the first large sea lake city complex complex, so that tens of thousands of owners living in 5 minutes to bring convenience. (author: Zhou Jianping)