Send service to poor families to send policy to send culture

Even Japan, directly under the team organs poverty alleviation poverty alleviation precise grasp the pulse, combined to carry out the "Three Zone Three" activities, take a number of measures to three delivery: delivery service, send the policy to send culture, the "Three Zone Three" activities carried out, to ensure the quality and efficiency of precise poverty.

send service to enhance the technology to become rich. SFI invited the provincial and city animal husbandry and veterinary station experts held in-depth rural planting breeding technology training, combined with the actual environment and climate characteristics of Tian Jia Zhai Zhen Ning Cun, more mountainous, as cattle, pigs, poultry, the easy answer to the farmers from the introduction, breeding, slaughter etc.. At the same time, the farmers concerned about wheat, oats, potatoes and other crops in the scientific fertilization, soil improvement, field management, pest control and other aspects of the common problems encountered for the technical guidance. Send policy, do rich understand people. By holding the village committee and the masses, members of Congress, and actively carry out the "three zone three push" propaganda activities, the central and provincial spirit of the document No. 1 and a major decision to deploy, "three zone three push" the specific content, a series of precise poverty farmers policy with propaganda, deepen understanding of the cadres and the masses in rural areas the policy. Send culture, enhance confidence. According to the "38" women’s day, organize the masses to carry out to celebrate "38" fun game activities, through the development of shuttlecock, rope, tug of war, fun bowling, singing competitions and other activities by the masses, enriched people’s life of sports culture.