The establishment of the first group of research staff in Xining City

in Xining city this year to carry out "research organization" activities, to strengthen the group research team came as a basic work, through the construction of a team of 140 people in the combination of part-time group research team, the construction of the party construction and the organization of major research organizations, to promote the long-term pattern. The research work of normalization.

group to ensure that the investigator team excellent, Xining municipal Party Committee Organization Department issued a special notice requiring all localities and departments and units of good political quality, cultural quality, work ability, work style "; combined with the annual work center and key tasks, to determine the annual research topics, and the research project will be promptly reported to the municipal Party committee the Organization Department, writing research reports, writing, discussion, participate in the comprehensive investigation report for comments and other work, strive to make research results timely transformation; establish and perfect mechanism of group research team research group information report system, the establishment of Party organizations at all levels of demands, pressure, the topic task system, establish and improve the incentive mechanism evaluation ensure that the organization of research work, long-term normalization.

by the review, the city identified a total of 140 organizations work Survey (including: the city’s various regions and departments of the unit 104, the Department of the 36). 104 part-time researcher in the county: 3, section 92, section 9; 15 graduate students, 68 undergraduate college, 21; the average age of 40 years. The county organization department basically by a deputy minister and the Department responsible person, municipal departments and units and state-owned enterprises in charge of basic administrative work of municipal Party Committee Organization Department responsible comrades, all the organs of cadres for the group researcher, offices responsible for the artificial person of the first responsibility. (author: Xiao Liu Ma Fucang)